UA Concessions

UA Concessions is on the frontlines when it comes to food sales for UA Athletics events. Information collected by UA Concessions on the amount of food items sold is important in creating an accurate picture of the environmental impact of UA Homecoming. The UA Office of Sustainability is partnering with UA Concessions to analyze the impacts of food sold through concessions and develop ways to reduce food and beverage related impacts.

Role in Project Pawprint:

  • Track sales data at concessions in the football stadium
  • Share sales data with Office of Sustainability
  • Assist with life cycle assessment of individual products
  • Research options for lowering impacts starting Homecoming 2014

Objectives Strategies Engaged In:

  • Developing Best Practices

Fun Fact:

Nearly 4,300 hot dogs were sold at the Homecoming 2012 football game. That's enought to go around the stadium one time!