UA Athletics Ticket Office

The Athletics Ticket Office maintains data on ticket sales that is the key to analyzing the travel and accommodation related environmental impacts of an even like Homecoming. The UA Office of Sustainability is partnering with the Athletics Ticket Office to conduct a survey of ticket buyers to better understand how far ticket buyers travel to attend the game, what type of transportation is used, and where they stayed in town if they are from out of town. Results of the survey will inform the development of additional carbon reduction strategies to help attendees lower their carbon impact in a simple and meaningful way.

Role in Project Pawprint:

  • Facilitating Travel & Accommodation Survey
  • Sharing Data with the UA Office of Sustainability

Objectives Strategies Engaged In:

  • Reducing Travel & Accommodation Impacts
  • Developing Best Practices

Fun Fact:

For Homecoming 2012, Wildcats traveled from at least 40 states and 6 countries to attend the Homecoming football game.

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