Marriott Hotel

The UA Office of Sustainability has partnered with the Marriott Hotel near campus to promote Wildcat Planet initiatives and offset energy and water use, and promote sustainable dining options.

Role in Project Pawprint:

  • Cross-market Wildcat Planet green initiatives with hotel green initiatives to offset energy and water use
  • Provide data about the number of patrons staying at hotels for Homecoming Weekend, average hotel water and energy use, and more.

Objectives Strategies Engaged In:

  • Reducing Travel & Accommodation Impacts
  • Developing Best Practices

Fun Facts:

  • According to Marriott’s 2011-2012 Corporate Social Responsibility report, Marriott Hotels have decreased their water use per occupied room by 12% and lowered energy consumption per square meter by 4% as compared to baseline 2007. Keep up the good work, Marriott!

For more information about the green initiatives going on at the hotels, check out: