UA Facilities Management

UA Facilities Management (FM) is the primary organization on campus tasked with the operations and maintenance of buildings and grounds on campus. It is because of FM that the UA’s power run consistently, the air conditioning works and the trash and recycle do not overflow. They are a longtime partner of the Office of Sustainability in implementing green initiatives on campus and it is no surprise they are an integral partner in Project Pawprint.

Role in Project Pawprint:

  • Facilitating the waste audit critical to determining the effectives of waste reduction strategies
  • Supplying stadium utilities and water meter data for analysis
  • Sharing waste related data with Office of Sustainability

Objectives Strategies involved in:

  • Reducing Waste on the Mall
  • Developing Best Practices

Fun Fact:

The UA is making leaps and abound in recycling. UA increased its recycling rate by 5% over last year to an overall recycling rate of 40%!

For more information on FM’s sustainability initiatives, check out: