UA College of Fine Arts

The Office of Sustainability worked with the College of Fine Arts to recruit an outstanding visual design student, Alex Ross, to work on the project. Alex’s work, in consultation with UA University Relations, has resulted in the design of effective visual branding for Project Pawprint ranging from the icons used in print materials to the clear and easy to understand signage accompanying the new compost, landfill and recycling bins. The Office of Sustainability thanks the College of Fine Arts for their support in recruiting great talent for Project Pawprint.

Role in Project Pawprint:

  • Recruitment of talented student(s) for various design aspects of the project

Strategies Engaged In:

  • Raising Awareness of Environmental Sustainability
  • Developing Best Practices

Fun Fact:

More than 300,000 people attend College of Fine Arts exhibits, performances, lecture series, seminars, and K-12 educational outreach programs. That’s a lot of people!

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