UA Bookstores

The UA BookStore operates the primary venues on campus where the majority of Homecoming attendees will pick up souvenirs and gifts - the UA Bookstore at the Student Union Memorial Center and the McKale Sports Stop. The UA Bookstore is committed to improving the environmental impact of the UA community and is partnering with the UA Office of Sustainability to provide data on purchases made during Homecoming Weekend so that the UA can develop ways to promote sustainability in merchandising on campus.

Role in Project Pawprint;

  • Provide purchasing data to UA Office of Sustainability to estimate associated greenhouse gas emissions

Objectives Strategies Engaged In:

  • Raising Awareness of Environmental Sustainability
  • Developing Best Practices

Fun Fact:

During 2011 and 2012, UA BookStores administered the CyberJunk program to recycle electronic waste from the community. In 2011, the program was able to fill up a 53-foot long semi-trucks and eight 25-foot semi-trucks. That’s a lot of electronics!

For more information about the UA BookStores efforts to support campus initiatives, check out: