Alternative Sustainable Energy LLC

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Alternative Sustainable Energy LLC (ASE) is a company based out of Phoenix, Arizona, that produces power generating bicycles and related equipment. The Office of Sustainabiity is working with ASE to provide an interactive embedded energy activity at UA Homecoming. Specifically, we'll have several power generating bicycles and equipment on site that attendees can use to power a projector and stereo. Attendees will be able to team up with UA Cycling Club members to power the projector and stereo, and in the process learn about embedded energy.

Role in Project Pawprint:

  • Help raise awareness of environmental sustainability through the concept of embedded energy
  • Supply power generating bicycles and equipment for the Sustainable UA Tent
  • Have staff on hand to talk about how the bicycles work and relate to the idea of embedded energy

Objectives Strategies Engaged In:

  • Raising Awareness of Environmental Sustainability

Fun Fact:

Products like those sold by ASE have been installed on college campuses across the country. Oregon State University uses them to help defray energy costs associated with the Dixon Recreation Center.

For more information about ASE and their products, visit their website at: